Castell templer de gardeny en


Gardeny Castle is a monumental complex located on top of Gardeny Hill, one of the two hills of the city of Lleida. It was raised during the second half of the 12th century, by the Order of the Temple.
When, in the spring of the year 1149, the count of Barcelona, Ramón Berenguer IV, began the siege of the Muslim city of Lleida from the hill of Gardeny, he had the collaboration of the Templar-Templar militia, which contributed to the campaign with the shipment of military personnel. Once the city was conquered, and in gratitude for his participation, the count handed over several assets to the militia, including the same Gardeny hill.

The fact that it is a raised Templar complex of new plant and that it still keeps intact the main buildings of the s. XII, makes this castle an exceptional testimony of Templar architecture in the Crown of Aragon.
Its structure presents innovative formulas in the context of the moment, and today, much of the perimeter of walls is preserved. Inside the enclosure there are two buildings: the room tower or two-storey master tower with several units, -
a tower of the terraced tribute and which housed the noble dependencies of the house, - and the convent church, - a unique building that retains one of the few witnesses in Europe of wall painting in templar buildings.